The fashion capsule project

You guys, I mean not to redo every single thing Amy posts about in her 3 Little Things column, but seriously, she’s so awesome.  A great writer with a sweet family, who savors the crafty and the caffeinated and the literary…I love her.

Anyways, she posted last week about doing a “fashion capsule” where you cull your wardrobe down to a certain number of items and wear ONLY those items for a season.  The original idea came from this blog.  At first, I thought this was COMPLETELY ridiculous and contradictory to everything frugal. I mean, we’ve bought all these clothes, doesn’t it defeat the purpose to not wear them?

Then I realized just how many pieces of my fall clothing no longer fit me.  Then I realized the timing could not be more perfect for this project.  I went into my closet and culled it down to the essentials – the pieces that I absolutely loved, that I found myself reaching for time and time again.  I took out the things that never quite worked, or that were just too big for me now, and the shoes that hurt my feet.  I was left with 33 items of seasonally appropriate clothing.  Goodwill got a nice load from me today!

Now, there are a couple of rules to this challenge, and I’m adapting it to meet my own needs. First, Caroline lives in Austin; I live in Michigan (where it has been known to snow and be 80 degrees in the same week).  She includes coats in her 37 items, I’m allowing myself a hall pass on that, because I don’t know whether I’ll be wearing tank tops or a winter coat during the duration of this challenge.  I’m also not including “home wear” “workout wear” or anything else that falls outside the realm of real clothes.  If I can wear it to my office or out for drinks, it counts. But my MSU hoodie that is my grocery store/snow shoveling uniform during cold weekends? No. You KNOW I’m not including my fat pants!  See also: tank tops and cutoff shorts in warm weather. I’m also allowing myself a bit of grace should we get a spell of anything dubbed “unseasonably” ___ by a weather man.

I downloaded an app called Closet+ which allows you to upload photos of your clothing and create “outfits” and I’m already up to 97 outfits created with my 33 items. You can then schedule your outfits for days of the week, which is something  I already do weekly and I am looking very much forward to automating!   I’m planning to add a pair of brown boots (ordered on Amazon) and a couple of long sleeved Tshirts before Sept. 1 (which is when fall “starts” in my book).  I should then have plenty of outfits at my disposal!

So, if you see me in the next few months, plan to enjoy my delightfully neutral palette of clothing! Let’s see how I do with this!


2 thoughts on “The fashion capsule project

  1. tedgoudie says:

    Sounds like you’re adopting the fashion sense of a man!

  2. […] Earlier this year, I embarked on a style challenge in which I only wore 37 items in my closet. […]

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